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Our "Socially Smart" take on the

state of Online Video Advertising, PPC

and Video Production.


If you are anything like me, the words "uncertain" and "pandemic" were no more part of your daily lexicon than phrases such as "downward trend,' or "government bailout." My how things have changed in the last 4 months. There is no taking away from the fact that these are sad, tragic, and truly "unprecedented times."

That being true, if you have found this page looking for answers on what to do next for your small or medium-sized business, I want to tell you that there is hope. There is opportunity! And - in my opinion - there is strong reasoning to support that now is the time to take some solid steps forward with your online video and PPC advertising.

Think about it: your customers have been stuck at home for months (some more than others - but this is not a political post!) and they have been figuring out new routines. If the literal explosion of Zoom meetings hasn't gotten you thinking about online opportunities, let me just drop this right here: According to an article on, internet usage has jumped nearly 70% from the start of the pandemic, earlier this year. Additionally, and from the same article, according to "Maria Rua Aguete of Omdia, the tech research arm of Informa Tech ... 'Ecommerce ... will see a revenue boost as a result of the pandemic, adding $175 billion in revenue in 2020, which represents a 5% increase.'"

From a business perspective, talk about "unprecedented!" What does that mean for you as the owner of an SMB? It means that your customers are online, and even more so. If anything, now is not the time to cut your online video advertising or PPC budget; if anything, you should be funneling more budget to it.  

That's where VideoBloom comes in. Reach out to us to talk about how we can help you to get back in front of your audience - they want to know you are there! Now is the time to tweak or even start your PPC approach. Whether that be through Google Ads, Bing or any of the plethora of programmatic supply vendors out there, VideoBloom can help you tailor your campaign to be "socially smart" - placing your ad right where your audience can be found. Want to move beyond text? VideoBloom can take your existing video footage or help you create new footage to build a programmatic video ad and get you in front of your customers on YouTube, and across the web. Socially Smart video from VideoBloom can help your customers to SEE that you are there for them, even if they are not currently out and about.

Yes, these are challenging, uncertain times - but there is hope. There is opportunity. Reach out to us here at VideoBloom, and allow us the opportunity to make these times a time of "unprecedented" growth for you and your business.

Stay safe, stay strong. Keep believing.

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